Das Beethoven-Haus

    The family Beethoven was living for some years in the backyard house of the ensemble of buildings which is the home of the Beethoven-Haus in the Bonngasse 20. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Dezember 1770 in this house. Since 1889 the Beethoven-Haus Society maintains a memorial institution and museum in the Beethoven-Haus and presents one of the largest collection of artifacts from his life. The Beethoven-Haus in Bonn is a mandatory requirement for the friends of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Not only original documents from the creative life of Ludwig van Beethovens are displayed but in addition modern techniques of media communication are presented, for instance the „Digital Beethoven-Haus“ leads the visitors to unexpected discoveries through the life of Beethoven and creative history of his works. His music is freshly interpreted by audiovisual media and performed in the virtual space.

    As a connoisseur of classical music you may look forward to new experiences and introductions to the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. Those who are not yet admires of the wonderful symphonies and chamber music works of the great master of the German classic period will find a new pathway into his musical cosmos.

    The Bonngasse is located in the northern area of the pedestrian area in downtown Bonn near the shopping venue of the Friedrichstrasse. The subway line 63 takes the guests of the acora Hotel and Living Bonn in only four stops from the station of Tannenbusch-Mitte to the main station of Bonn, the starting point for all excursions to downtown Bonn.

    Das Titelbild stammt aus dem Archiv des Presseamtes der Bundesstadt Bonn.