Bonn Reloaded – City Informations

    The history of Bonn is indivisibly connected to the role of being the former capital of the Federal Republic. The movement of the parliament and state departments has aroused reasonable fear that the loss of importance as a capitol could drive the city of Bonn into oblivion. The visitors coming to Bonn in these days will not see much of difference because Bonn has found its new role as the home of important international institutions (UNO), headquarters of high-tech industries (Telekom) and world-wide renowned cultural museums (Bundeskunsthalle).

    The business traveller with limited time budget will appreciate the historical downtown area in front of the splendid town hall as a meeting point with business partners. The cafes and restaurants invite for leisure or dining after work.
    The private visitor can spend all his time on the historical and cultural offerings of the classical university with its dignifying buildings amidst the city Bonn. In particular, the Poppelsdorfer Allee leading to the old zoological institutes breathes the feeling of baroque times. The unique „mile of museums“ along the Adenauer Allee focuses and concentrates the museums and exhibition halls like a string pf pearls.

    The tramway line 63 transports the guests of the acora Hotel and Living Bonn within four stops from station Tannenbusch-Mitte to the main station of Bonn, the starting point for discovering the downtown area of Bonn. Staying with the same line 63 brings you directly to the mueseums‘ mile bypassing the main station.

    We recommend our guests the following links as a preparation for your visit of Bonn.

    The title foto comes from the archive of the federal press department of Bonn.