Rhine Promenade in Bonn

    Walking, strolling, running or relaxing on the cat walk along the Rhine, ending up in a typical restaurant, the Rhine Pavillion with its small beach overlooking the river Rhine. Having a drink and watching the ships passing by – this can be heaven and the time stands still. The slowness of the passing ships enforces the senses to chill down and let the visitor dream of floating on the great river to the north sea. Ships can be embarked that are hosted by the Bonner-Personen-Schiffart. They heartily welcome you on their ships taking you down to the wine region of the Rhinelands until Rüdesheim, or into the other direction up to Düsseldorf. Who likes to party on the ship will book the Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt and have fun all the way up to Cologne on the Rhine.

    The pedestrian with senses for the cultural aspects will enjoy the pathes through the parks an the Brassert- und Rathenau- banks of the river with a splendid view to the other side of the mighty river Rhine and the nice suburb of Bonn-Beuel. The famous Posttower (headquarter of the German Telekom) and the large buildings of the UNO provide testimony of the international presence of the city of Bonn.

    The embarkment locations on the Brassertufer can be reached by a short walk from the town hall plaza of Bonn bypassing the Opera house, the Opera on the Rhine. The tramway line 63 transports the guests of the acora Hotel and Living Bonn within four stops from station Tannenbusch-Mitte to the main station of Bonn, the starting point for discovering the downtown area of Bonn.